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Hey, how y’all doin?

With life temporarily on pause, we’ve taken some time to shake off the negativity on TikTok.  It’s silly, it’s fun, and my kids were on the platform long enough that I thought it was time to get on it and ruin it for them.  You have to get your kicks where you can these days.

So are you on TikTok?  If you are, and you don’t have to admit it here, give us a follow.  It makes it fun and easy for us to share what we are making and creating with you. Retail is going to change as we know it and I refuse to let Amazon take everything over.  This is our chance to connect and keep small business alive.  Don’t forget your local producers, stay in touch, and let’s make something new together!

If you’ve read this far, awesome! We are running a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE SALE on all soaps, scrubs, lip balms, bath bombs, and hair care.  We’ve also added sets that start at $25 shipped to your door free!


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