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Wildly American's COVID-19 Update

So, COVID-19 has affected us all in some way. The last few weeks have been hard for small business and ours is no exception, but we are healthy and grateful. We’ve focused our efforts on shipping directly to our customers and can do it safely. Our facility has never been open to the public and we have not traveled outside the US or otherwise. Our high standards of disinfection and sanitization have made it easy to adapt, because we didn’t have to change our established processes. We’re just happy doing our part to stop the spread by supplying what is needed most: soap, for hand-washing.

This crisis is evidence that as a country we need to rethink the fundamentals and support local manufacturing. Local business requires less transportation. Local focuses on creation, not replication. It isn’t about scale, it’s about quality. And now, it’s about economic security. Local manufacturing extends the reach of products to more people when supply chains are interrupted. It empowers, employs and sustains at the community level. This has always been part of the driving force behind our modest company when we began in 2011. We wanted to make a good product for people to enjoy that was made by hand, from scratch in America.

We are incredibly grateful for our customers who have checked in, left reviews, and who took the time to remember that this local business isn’t just a business, it’s a family. It’s guitar lessons, school supplies, sometimes a night out, an example for our children, and a way to give back. If we haven’t said so lately, thank you for making Wildly American possible.

Be well and wash your hands!


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